get lit

These are books I've either read in one day or refer to over and over. 
Everything on this list I am obsessed with.
Just so we're clear.



the underwriting

This novel is "the Social Network meets Wolf of Wall Street" except much easier to digest. The novel reads like a television series and Michelle Miller even talks about how she released chapters online as episodes before releasing the book in print, which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me. Aside from self-publishing, she also joined Tinder as one of her characters (the app represented in the novel is Tinder-esque even though she published this before Tinder was even a thing) and started a blog as one of her characters for publicity. Is this the future of publishing? I mean, I have no idea, but I think it's pretty damn cool.

bird by bird

Let me just say that I haven't read any of Anne Lamott's other books (and I just googled them and I probably won't ever read them), but this is gold. True gold. 

marilyn: a biography

First of all, I saw this book online in perfect condition selling for $1,300... Second of all, even if I had one in perfect condition I absolutely would not sell it. :) 

This book is UNREAL. If you're a Marilyn fan, you need it. Period. It starts from the beginning and chronicles her life until the very end featuring beautiful photographs the entire time. Ugh I seriously can't get enough of this and you won't either.