i'm kind of obsessed
i'm kind of obsessed

you should be reading this

Since you're here, we probably have similar tastes in many things, in which case, you should probably be reading the books featured on this page. You are welcome.


one fifth avenue

So this delicious novel is written by the infamous Candace Bushnell and if you don't know anything about anything, she wrote Sex and the City (don't even tell me if you didn't know the show was based on a book). It follows a bevy of amazing characters like a charismatic and gorgeous middle aged movie star, a handsome Oscar-winning screenwriter, some rich old women, a miserable married couple, a social climber and a beautiful (inside and out) socialite, all of whom either live in the historic One Fifth Avenue or will do damn near anything to. It's really, really fun and really, really hilarious. Just get it.

less than zero

Bret Easton Ellis wrote American Psycho, so I'm pretty sure you can imagine the tone of this novel. There's a lot less murder and it's based in 80's Los Angeles, but there's still a ton of booze and blow and psychopaths milling about. 

This is one of my favorite novels ever. I've read it so many times and have been reaching for it recently. It's fascinating. And when you feel like your life is shitty, just pick this up and I'm sure you'll feel a lot better about things. 

the devil wears prada

I'm just as obsessed with the film as the next girl is, but when I tell you that the book is AMAZING just listen to me and go buy it. It's rated R (meaning Andrea says "fuck" a lot) and it kind of has to be because she's legit dealing with the devil. Still so much fashion. So much cool shit. So much hatred. Do yourself a favor and buy this book! 





If you have any suggestions for books you think I'd actually like, let me know!