fur real the time to buy

Sooooo..... I'm kind of very obsessed with just not caring too much about an outfit and walking out in sweats/simple jeans and an oversized top and then popping a damn FUR on top of it!! Minimal make-up with a strong cheek situation and messy romp hair.... I'm dying. Dy-ing.

I am also very aware that it is Spring and that the weather isn't going to permit this type of dressing BUT - this is when you buy fur because it will be cheaper helloooooyou'rewelcome.

The other night I went out wearing a fur, tank top, sweat pants and Havaianas... My thought process was that I was going to the Marina and I run cold so why the f*** not? Besides, I've come to realize that it's all about the attitude (and the weather?). If you have confidence and idgaf oozing from your pores, you can wear just about anything. 

Maja Wyh is probably the master at this. And I'm gonna go ahead and put the Olsen's at a close second for me... let me know if you have any other masters that I need to know about because I love this so much.

Take a look at the furs that I've gathered for you below. Most of them are on sale (because it's spring, duh) so this is the time to buy. Also make sure you look on eBay and Poshmark for steals.

Godspeed - and remember: attitude is everything.