The Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi



Okay, everyone just stop what you're doing right now. If you haven't heard of Laura Collins, Matt Harkins, Viviana Olen, or THNK 1994, prepare to have your mind blown. 


Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen are two comedian roommates living in New York City. Aside from comedy, they started THNK 1994, which is a tiny art museum they held in the hall of their Williamsburg apartment. The first exhibit featured photos, art and random bits and bobs that represented the rivalry between Olympic ice skaters, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. It was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which is how they plan on funding their Olsen Twins Hiding From Paparazzi Exhibit. Instead of hosting this exhibit in their apartment, they're looking to utilize a storefront where they can have their pop-up for 2 weeks in April.

So, Laura Collins is my newfound obsession... she gets me. She's a Chicago-based artist that is providing all of the artwork for THNK 1994's Olsen exhibit. Not only does she have RIDICULOUSLY amazing paintings of the Olsen's hiding from the paparazzi, but she has a ton of paintings of models falling on the runway... call me evil, but there's something about seeing a model fall on the runway that just is so entertaining. It's sad and beautiful and horrifying and hilarious all at the same time and I can't get enough - she even has fucking J Law falling up the stairs to accept her Oscar... I MEAN!!


Collins captures reality tv stars with bandages on their face from their most recent rhinoplasty, celebrities' mugshots, Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift, and... something that is soooo fascinating to me - the botox blink as shown on Kylie Jenner.

::Sigh:: I want my entire house to be filled with all of these paintings... they're hilarious and gorgeous and we all know I'm OBSESSED with the Olsen's. Anyway, I'll leave you with a few photos of the models falling because, duh.  



Thank you, Laura Collins... you are SUCH a goddess. Namaste.