namastay consistent

Every few days I tell myself that I'm going to do yoga, meditate and just get super zen. Every few days I let myself down and end up lying in bed spilling Skinny Pop all over my chest. 


However! I have come to the realization that I'm basically holding myself to too high of a standard and I need to understand that my yoga game ain't shit. Which is fine. I'm just gonna start off small.

I was looking for a good beginner yoga video to partake in and I found Yoga with Adriene. She has a (free!!) program that she has called 30 Days of Yoga and, you guessed it smarty pants, she has 30 videos that you watch and practice with over the course of 30 days. I have an issue with consistency, flexibility and staying present, so I decided to really push myself and see if I could complete all 30 days IN 30 days. Today was my first day and I've gotta tell you that I'm kiiind of obsessed with it. Minus the fact that I had to scream "are you fucking kidding me" on three separate occasions to my boyfriend, Lon because he interrupted the video, I felt suuuuper relaxed and present.

I loved that she would say "You are in control," because I tend to feel like if I don't get the poses absolutely perfect that I'm a failure at life. Adriene made it fun, actually. I'm looking forward to doing it tomorrow. 

Now on to the second part of this post which is visualization!

To say being an actress in LA has its challenges would be an understatement. There are definitely some aspects of the business that are out of my control, so the things that I can control, I've got to master. I want to increase my mind and body's ability to be flexible in any situation, which is why I'm hopping on the yoga train and adding some positive visualization into the mix. I saw a video of Jim Carrey on Oprah from years ago talking about how he'd visualize his success when he had nothing, and  not only did it make him feel better, but it aligned him with the path he needed to be on in order to achieve his goals. I also found this other video that's filled with small fragments of speeches he's given around the world about the power of intention. Below I've also shown two of my favorite books by the same author (who was on Oprah's book club) that heavily deal with intention and the power of your mind.

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I'm going to write a personal mantra that'll remind me that what I want is already in the universe on its way to me and put it literally fucking everywhere: my bathrooms, my car, next to my bed, on my closet door, in my office. Everywhere. I also wrote a diary entry dated 5 years in the future and basically just recorded a day in my life and that was honestly so fucking powerful. Like woah. Highly recommend. 

Anyway, sometimes I sell myself short and I make my goals smaller because I don't think people will believe it - but that isn't the fucking point! I have to believe in it! That's it! Consistency is key. So let's get out there and achieve some goals n shit.