Wardrobe Overhaul


If you know me at all you know that I have a severe obsession with the Olsen's (as you've seen briefly in a previous Olsen post) and everything Olsen fashion related. One of the things I love about them is the effortlessness of their wardrobes and how even on their small frames, the layers upon layers of clothing never swallow them - they're always wearing the clothes, not letting the clothes wear them. Effortless, chic, menswear inspired - that's what I want my wardrobe to be.

I've been meaning to revamp my wardrobe for a while now, but I didn't know where to begin. To be honest, I love most of my clothes, but I find that I've been in a rut and only reaching for the same exact things. I'm tired of being boring. SO, I'm going to start now with amping up my closet. I found an incredible app called StyleBook, which allows you to upload photos of everything in your closet and you can put together outfits, see which pieces you get the most/least wear out of, which items have been worth their money according to the amount you wear/use them and so many other features. I've only just downloaded it, but I'm really excited to give it a go and I'll do a review on it once I get the hang of it.


What I need are the following: a leather jacket (I don't like the one I have now and I've just ordered a faux one from Topshop!), a few t-shirt dresses, cropped black trousers, new ballet flats, simple ankle strap stilettos, a crisp white button up. I'm really surprised that I don't already own these items, but either way, I want to start over and this is where I'm going to start. I'm a lover of oversized dressing because I think it's a lot sexier than leaving nothing to the imagination. I'm also wanting to up my jewelry, makeup and hair game, but I'll document those in separate posts as I continue along this journey!

So, the first item that I've ordered is this Topshop faux leather biker jacket that I'll show you below. I ordered it from Nordstrom and I am beyond excited to wear it! It wasn't overly expensive, which is important for me because I'm doing all of this on a tight budget. The jacket was about $80 with my Nordy's discount and I think it's quite a steal for the amount of wear I plan on getting out of it! I keep imagining myself wearing all types of different outfits with it like the ones I've shown in the photo below. Let me know what you love to wear your leather jacket with. 

I hope you got something useful out of this post! Let me know what pieces you've been coveting for your wardrobe - let's go on this overhaul journey together!