Met Gala 2015 Best Dressed According to Renahy

Anna Wintour in Chanel Haute Couture

Everyone knows that this is Anna Wintour's party, so it's only right that I begin this post with a photo of this wonderful freak of nature. Ladies and gentlemen, Anna Wintour wearing Chanel Haute Couture.

Anne hathaway
wearing ralph lauren

I love Anne Hathaway - I think she's an incredible actress and she seems like a warm human being and we need more of those in the world. This look is also one of my favorites of the evening and her after party look was so fun and chic, I'm obsessed. I'm also totally obsessed with the fact that she didn't touch up her lipstick for the after party, too. Love someone that puts fun over beauty!! 

Anne Hathaway collaborated with Ralph Lauren to create this incredible hooded look. 

After party look wearing Ralph Lauren Collection and Rossi.

rosie huntington-whiteley
wearing atelier versace

RHW is one of my favorite fashion icons and she killed in every outfit she rocked last night. She went from the ball to the after party to the airport and it all looked so damn effortless #goals. I legit can't wait to see her in Mad Max next week, so until then I'll just keep on flipping through these pics of her wondering why I'm NOT her...

jennifer lawrence
      wearing dior haute couture

J Law!!!!!!! Okay, admittedly, her dress isn't my favorite, but I definitely don't hate it and I'm more than kind of obsessed than her as a human/artist so she gets a spot on my list - I'm biased so sue me. Anywayssssss, what I'm fully obsessed with is her easy hair and makeup and the transition from the Gala to the after party. I mean, come on, she looks ridiculous in that silver slip gown and that wavy goddess-like hair... sign me the fu** up. No, seriously, where can I sign up for that hair.

Write here...

the olsen's
wearing vintage john galliano for dior

When I saw the first photograph of the Olsen's released upon their arrival, I shed a tear and thought I was having a heart attack. To be fair, they could've shown up in paper bags and I still would have had the same reaction because I'm just that obsessed with them, but I mean seriously, who doesn't love them? If you don't, well I have a million reasons why you should, but I won't bore you with them here. Anyway, their makeup and hair I love, the NYX lip colors I love, gowns I love, the matching pose I love... love love love love love... 

kate hudson
wearing michael kors

Okay, Katie H, you bombshell, you!! I suppose it should be known that I'm kind of obsessed with all things gold and when I see gold done right I go somewhat bananas and the same rings true for this dress. Her golden hair and her golden dress and her red lip... ::takes deep breath::shakes head:: my gawd. She is the winner to me. And the fact that she didn't even change for the after party leads me to believe that it's actually comfortable and the fact that she could go from the Gala to the after party means she mixed beauty and comfort and you all know I love that! Go, girl!! 

So, I know that everyone loved Beyonce and Rihanna and J lo and I did, too. I loved Kimye and a few others, but at the end of the day, these are the ladies I thought did the damn thing all across the board in terms of their Met Gala gown, hair, makeup, and their after party look. Mark my words you will see me at the Met Gala in 5 years.

Who were your favorites?! Leave a comment below and let me know! xoxoxo

 *images from various websites

*images from various websites