thierry lasry + backpacks



The other day I was having lunch with my boyfriend and we were reminiscing about our middle school days and I realized... I've always been obsessed with backpacks. I used to have a bagillion backpacks laying around my room and I thought it was so cool to switch it up every other day with a different color or style backpack. Not much has changed I guess, because I'm still kind of obsessed with anything backpack related. The one thing I will say though, is that black and gold bags are my go-to. 

I've also been horribly obsessed with sunnies, although I don't buy a ton of them because all the ones I like are expensive as sh** and I also lost my favoriteeeeeeee sunnies ever last Fourth of July (WAHHHH - sorry Lon) that were also a gift from my love, so I'm sort of on a break I guess? Cue violin. 

R.I.P TL Lively... 

Okay, I'm done crying now. Above are 3 pairs of sunnies by my favorite frame designer, Thierry Lasry and 5 amazing backpacks all ranging in price. In my Lyst below I have some of the exact items listed along with cheaper alternatives that you can go out and try yourselves to see if you're as obsessed as I am. Please, please, please hunt around for a good bag! You will be so glad that you did - I recently found a $25 backpack in Downtown Los Angeles that looks very much like the Rebecca Minkoff and the quality is insane, too. So you never know what you can find when you put your mind to it and look around.

To the left is a photo of me wearing the Lively's - the shape is so incredibly flattering. Ugh I love them. The cat-eye shape I find to be pretty universal, so if you're new to wearing sunglasses and don't know where to start, I think a slight cat-eye would be pur-fect for you (see what I did there ;).

Check out my Lyst to find the mentioned products and similar products! Which do you like best?? xo