my precious

so... I've been obsessed with this ring that I've seen the Olsen's share for years. Literal years. And since I'm not a vagillionaire (and even if I was, I have no idea who makes this beautiful thing), I've had to do some reconnaissance and find some cheaper alternatives, which I've included in a Lyst at the end of this post. 

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of gaudy jewelry and overall flashiness, but I am all for mixing high and low or glam and grunge. And for some reason, the more over-the-top an item is, the more fun it is to wear it at really random places. Above, Ashley wears only this ring and one other in a velvet dress paired with messy hair and makeup - love. Below, MKA  is out and about wearing faded black denim, a graphic tee and hoodie with unbrushed hair and tons of jewelry, including this godsend of a ring. I just love her so much... walking around looking dope as hell not giving a you know what, wearing tens of thousands of dollars on her hands. sigh.

mk emerald ring2.jpeg

Okay, and Ashley... sweet mother Theresa, this is all that I want ever. The blonde, the ring, the bags, the fur. More than kind of obsessed, that's for sure. 

I mean... come on.

Alright, I'm done gushing about these fabulous ladies for now. What piece of jewelry do you covet the most?? 

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Let me know what you're kind of obsessed with lately and we can talk about it!! Take care, loves! xx

Renahy - dextera.png

Olsen photos were taken from Olsens Anonymous*