renahy young

I'm Renahy (pronounced "ruh-nay")! I'm 25 and live in downtown LA with my amazing boyfriend and I looove it. My fashion icons are the Olsen twins, Kate Moss and Carine Roitfeld. I'm obsessed with Angelina Jolie. I'm a writer and an actress. I love poop jokes and South Park. I am also an athlete, although after my basketball scholarship to Loyola Marymount University expired (i.e.: I graduated), I hardly work out anymore, so I'm not exactly sure what that means. I'm the oldest of five children. I'm absolutely ridiculous and I love it. I love me some Marilyn Monroe and most old movies. I'm a Cancer so I'm highly emotional and I'm so happy you're here reading our blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxoxo